Imaginary Pet of the Week: Alice -Adopted-

Long ago, wolves found their ways into the caves of humans; and at the same time, into our hearts. Even today, we hold their descendants dear to us and, sometimes, on rare occasions, we can even manage to domesticate our dogs’ ancestors. On one such occasion, we were sent a litter of 5 gray wolf puppies, who were left starving and alone after the passing of their mother. Rescued by one of our readers, they were immediately teleported to the shelter, where they were examined and cared for. Each of the puppies was found to be in good condition, and they immediately began to blend into the IPA community. Now, after 2 weeks of raising and training the litter, one of the puppies is now ready for adoption! Alice, the oldest of her siblings, is a 5-month-old sweet, loyal, and overall a joy to be around pup, much like her domestic counterpart, the husky. As expected, she has boundless energy, which is often expelled on hikes, runs, or wrestling with her siblings or other puppies. She should go into a home where her exercise requirements can be met, and she can get at least 3 hours of intense exercise. If you would like a full assessment of what exercises this includes, please contact us. Alice also requires a household that she can share with other large dogs, over 50lbs, and no cats or rodents. However, she has shown her adoration for children, including those as young as 4, and is extremely gentle and kind towards them, and would love to share a home with one of them. Having been raised in a wild environment previously, she should go into a home where she can have her OWN SPACE, which is at least 50 square feet in total, either inside or outside and a large outdoor area where she can run freely. If you feel you meet the many requirements listed in this article and would like to adopt Alice, please fill out our adoption form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, if you are interested in adopting one of Alice’s four siblings, please email us, and we will let you know if and when they are available for adoption


Alice, playing outside on March 31st, 2017. She can’t wait to find the home perfect for her.

Picture credit goes to Wikipedia.


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