We’re back + Updates!

Dear Readers,

It feels like it’s been so long since we’ve published! We’ve had such a productive few weeks, and have been able to spend so much time training and getting to know the animals here at the shelter, and a few of them have even found their forever homes. However, now it is time to get back into the groove of publishing regularly.

We also have a few updates we would like to discuss:

  • We will now be holding daily training sessions, for anyone who feels that their pets require more training. Classes start at 7 am and run until 3 or 5 pm, depending on when you can be at home to pick up your animal. We have 3 separate classes in which your pet can enroll, which include:

-Level 1: Basic ‘Sit’ training, where your pet will learn basic skills including how to sit, heal, and walk better on a leash. If you have adopted your pet from our shelter, they should already possess this basic training.

-Level 2: Junior ‘K-9’ training, where your pet will be trained in a more advanced training, where they will either learn tricks, such as begging, rolling over, and playing dead or Jr agility, which will include a basic introduction to a course fitted to your animal. If you have adopted your animal from the shelter, they will start on this level. All owners will have the choice of which path they would like their pet to take, but we advise that they choose wisely, based on their pet’s personality and abilities.

-Level 3: Advanced training and agility, where your pet will either continue on the ‘play’ route in level two, learning more advanced tricks and ways to play, or the ‘agile’ route, where your pet will become an expert on the course.

We are very excited to announce this, and can’t wait to see your pet(s) there. If you would like to enroll your animal, please fill out our Sign Up Form. We know that some owners are interested in a more long-term program, where your pet can be trained overnight, highlighting all of their special skills. If this is the case, please visit the Imaginary Pet Academy, and look into their site for more details.

Note: Food, water, and nap time will be provided throughout the day. Please understand that we are trained professionals, and would never put your animal(s) in any danger.

  • We understand that sometimes it takes us a while to send confirmation emails after you have requested to adopt an animal and filled out the form. The decision to send an animal into a new home is a big one, and we like to know that each of our pets will be well-suited to their new environment. 75% of the time, this is the case, and we are able to send the pet to you, but please take into consideration that we are juggling both shelter work, website updates, looking over forms, and confirming adoptions. You may receive your email in any amount of time, ranging from 1 hour to 5 days. Please know that if we do not feel you are a fit for this animal in particular, we will notify you.


  • As some of you may know, we have altered our adoption policy in a minor way. If there are multiple people interested in adopting the same animal, it can be a hard decision to make. Unless one of these people is in any way unfit to take in the animal in question, we must lean towards the adopter who is interested in adopting the animal on its own as a single adoption. We are hoping that you all can understand this reasoning.


  • We are now opening up an advice column. If you have any questions at all about how to care for your pet, what to do in a certain pet-related situation, or how to help us out, please fill out our short Advice Form, and you will receive an email regarding your question. We may even feature your question in our new advice column!


  • Don’t know which animal is right for you? Please, email us, and we will pair you with the best animal on the site for you!


Again, we are so glad to be back in action! Thank you all so much for all of your love and support throughout our break. We could not ask for a better audience.


Cofounder of the IPA




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