Imaginary Pet of the Week: Rigid -Adopted-

Snakes. Smooth, slippery, scary, and sometimes deadly. Does that sound like something you want to share a home with? What if we told you, the answer is yes? Rigid, a six-month-old male Coral snake slithered into our lives only a few days ago, but he already has a place in our hearts. Teleported to us by one of our recent adopters and contributors, Mallory, he was in pretty bad shape, having been attacked by multiple other snakes in an act of defense. Rushing him to the veterinary ER, we performed a two-hour emergency surgery, removing multiple teeth and rocks from his flesh, and stitching up his deep wounds. But, something more sinister was taking place, right above this little boy’s teeth. His highly venomous glands had become infected by the attack, where they had been severed by multiple deadly bites. Luckily, they were removed quite easily, and this made him the first adoptable Coral snake here at the IPA! Like many other snakes, Rigid makes his home in a tank, about 6 by 5 feet, larger than most. He is a very social little guy and enjoys gentle cuddles, and is surprisingly good with non-venomous, female snakes. To sum it up, Rigid would like to join a quite family, who have just enough space for a loving snake in their lives. If you feel you meet the requirements listed in this article and would like to adopt Rigid, fill out our adoption form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Image result for red black and yellow snake male
Here is Rigid, making a full recovery on Monday, November 14th, 2016. We would like to thank Mallory for rushing him to us right away and helping us to save him.

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